Monday, October 15, 2012

Goat's Milk Stuff Giveaway!

Dollars and Cents has been honored to be included in this giveaway sponsored by Two Chix Beauty Fix, our sister blog. So without further ado, here's the prize!

I have to admit I was really excited when Goats Milk Stuff sent me some great soaps and lip balm to try out for myself.  I had read great reviews on other blogs and wanted my own, and I wasn't let down!  This stuff is great.  It smells SO good!  As soon as I opened the box it was sent in, the yummy smells filled my nose.  I got baby powder (the largest bar pictured), patchouli (for when I'm in a hippy kinda mood), and Kool Koala.  I admit I picked Kool Koala because of the cute name but it ended up being my favorite.  The smell is amazing and it made me feel so clean and refreshed when I used it.  It really helped wake me up in my morning shower!  

All the soaps come wrapped in canvas bags which make them perfect for gift giving.   I thought that was a really nice touch.  I also loved the fact that this is a family run business.  My package came with a hand signed invoice.  It was signed with adorable little boy hand writing.  I'm defiantly sold on Goats Milk Stuff products and will be buying more both for gifts and for myself.  

Goats Milk Stuff has offered to give one of our readers a $25 gift certificate!  All you need to do if fill out the rafflecopter form below to get lots of entries!  Open to US residents 18 years of age and older.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: The prize will be passed along to the winner directly by Goats Milk Stuff.  TCBF is not responsible for prize fulfillment. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

$100 Cash Giveaway!

Here is a brand new giveaway brought to you by I Heart Giveaways and The Coffee Chic. This time, you can get a chance to win $100 Paypal Cash. The prize is sponsored by Emperola.
Important details:The giveaway is open Worldwide. Simply complete the entries on the rafflecopter widget below for more chances of winning. The event will run from October 6 to 31, 2012. One winner will win $100 cash! Good luck.

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If you host any kind of giveaway or contest feel free to submit your contest at Emperola for free.
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Have you tried Jingit yet? You NEED to!

If you haven't signed up for Jingit yet, you are missing out on a very easy opportunity to make some extra cash! I was turned on to Jingit by fellow blogger, Sarah, and within days I had made just under $10 and had a Visa debit card in my hand where I could access the money on my Jingit account. It doesn't get much better than that!

Signing up was simple, you can link it to your Facebook account. To begin earning money, you watch the videos that are available. The payment for each video varies, some only pay a few cents, but they are quick and painless, it doesn't take long to be amassing real cash. The Jingit site is not your only way to earn. Walmart often has Jingit offers on their webpage and various products and retailers offer Jingit cash from their websites.

One of the most fun ways to earn Jingit cash is through check ins with your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the Jingit app, you will be able to access the check ins around you. Generally the check ins pay more than the videos. Once you choose the store you are in, you will be given various opportunities, most require you to scan the item, some require a few questions answered. It's like a scavenger hunt in the store, plus you are earning money while you shop! 

I plan to save my money for the upcoming holiday season, I figured that if I made the max allowed every week, which starts at $10 but can be raised through referrals. Then I will have $40 a month, so quite a chunk of money by the time gift giving season rolls around. Who can't use extra money this time a year? 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

FREE Opportunity for Bloggers!

Here is another FREE event for bloggers worldwide!
Participate in I Heart Giveaways and The Coffee Chic's upcoming $100 Paypal Cash Giveaway.
One winner will get a chance to win $100 Cash sponsored by Emperola!
All you need to do is to make an announcement about the FREE sign-up on your blog. This is a good way to gain more followers on your Facebook page. Co-hosting spots are also available! Click here or on the banner above to sign-up.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Walgreens starting their own reward program!

It's been a while, I know. I have to confess that during the summer my fishing time greatly increased and my couponing decreased. I guess we could say I was exploring other ways to live frugally and I plan to share some of them with my readers very soon!

The news that Walgreens was starting their own rewards program excited me. Walgreens is one of my favorites, if the THE favorite store for bargains. I think I enjoyed the challenge of couponing at Walgreens because you could score amazing deals but it took a little brain power. Walgreens Balance Rewards program begins on September 16, 2012 and you will need to be part of the program to access the weekly sales. It looks as if you accumulate points for each purchase and certain other activities, such as filling prescriptions and you can redeem those points for Redemption dollars, which I assume are similar to Register Rewards. The example given was 5,000 points equaling $5 and 40,000 points equal to $50. You can also earn points for programs such as Walk with Walgreens. Also similar to Register Rewards, you will not earn points for purchases where Redemption dollars are used. The complete rules and fine print can be found here.

Like any of the reward programs that seem to be offered everywhere we go these days, it appears that the Walgreens program will take some getting used to and some time to iron out any kinks that arise. I didn't find any information on how this program will affect the sales and promotions Walgreen currently utilizes, such as Register Rewards. I am unsure if Balance Rewards will be in addition to or in place of that program. I can definitely see a benefit in storing Register Rewards on a store card rather than printing them out and handing them to each customer. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

You can sign up for the Walgreens Balance Rewards program at any store or through your online account. Right now they are running a promotion which enters you in a contest for one million Reward Points for signing up online. It also gives additional entries for each referral. Signing up now will save you time when you pop into the store on the 16th or after and need the card for your purchases. Until your card arrives, they give you the option of using your phone number to access your savings. They also offer iPhone and Android apps to track your rewards and sales!

Monday, August 13, 2012

AstroBrights-Amazing Paper and Fun Contests! Win for your family, win for your school!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When you want to make something that stands out, whether it is a flyer, a sign, an invitation or perhaps a note for your family, you need to put it on something that really pops. AstroBrights Papers come in 26 bold and eye catching colors which ensures that your creation will never go unnoticed. Your projects aren't limited to mere paper with AstroBrights, there are also envelopes, cardstocks, posterboards, and easel boards, so the only limit is your imagination! How about origami? The gallery of Astrobrights on Facebook is full of fun ideas that transcend the flat dimensions of a flyer or invitation. 

This year AstroBrights is sponsoring the "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes on Facebook. Each entry gives you a chance to win $30,000 for your favorite K-8 school and a $500 gift card for yourself! Winning is as simple as filling in your name, address, and other contact information. For a second entry, there are four short questions about your uses and preferences when it comes to colored papers. Easy enough for such a generous prize!

Need an activity idea for your family? AstroBrights has a variety of design challenges in the "Make Something Astrobright" contests on  Astrobrights on Facebook. The current challenge is "Get Colorful" which invites us to create fauna using AstroBrights paper. To enter you simply upload a photo of your creation from your computer or personal facebook page. The winner of this challenge recieves a $200 Visa Gift card. Two more challenges follow this, so get your creative juices flowing and make some paper art!

AstroBrights is present on all social media channels. The AstroBrights Pinterest page is a visual feast of creativity. You will find a myriad of ideas for not only crafts but decorations and gifts. They also maintain a tools and tips board! What are you going to make today?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BOGO plus 15% off for rewards members at Famous Footwear.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Shoes were on my mind today. Small shoes. As I prepare for my little one to go back to preschool, I was sorting through his stuff and making a mental list of everything we needed. Shoes topped the list as he had a massive growth spurt this summer and only has sandals that fit him currently. I was absolutely delighted to come to my computer a few moments later and find an email about Famous Footwear's current sale.

By printing theBOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon, I will be able to not only pick up a pair or two that my son needs, but likely I will find shoes for the entire family. The coupon is good from 8/2-8/18, so there is still plenty of time to get in and get your back to school shoes before it expires and school starts here. 

Last time I was in Famous Footwear, I was very happy to find the setup was easy for shopping, sizes were clearly marked, the aisles were wide enough for our stroller, and the sales people were not only helpful but one of the girl's stood and entertained my wiggling toddler while I tried on a pair for myself.

There were a myriad of styles and brand names, so it should be simple for a family to find shoes for everyone from their toddler to fussy teens. If you want a shoe that is not in the store, it can be ordered from the Famous Footwear Website and shipped to your local store for free!

Best of all, Famous Footwear offers a free Rewards Program, signing up with this offer scores you an additional 5% off. That's BOGO plus 20% off! That should create some space in your back to school budget! The rewards program offers 1 point per $1 spent in-store or online and you can accumulate points to earn certificates for up to $100 a year. There are also special members only discounts and perks throughout the year. 

With savings like these, it would be silly for the frugally conscious family to pass up Famous Footwear for their back to school shopping!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Value of our Dollars

I try, to the best of my ability, to support local businesses with my tightly budgeted dollars. I try to encourage others to do the same as I believe the money is better spent within our community. Just last night I ran into an issue with a local business that made me examine this practice. 

When spending your dollars locally, how many of you consider the practices of the business owners, or their individual viewpoints? I know many people who boycott this chain or another because of their business practices, but how often does a local business fall under that same sort of scrutiny? I know of people who will support a local business, even if the business is ineffective or inferior, simply because it is locally owned. How are we benefiting our community by doing so?

In the local publication that I support, Kent Patch, there was an article about a local business that was shutting down for a couple of months due to the construction in the area. It was a relevant article and important for our community because of all the hype and popularity of the construction and the new businesses that were just getting established around the construction. I've visited more than a few of the new businesses and had been planning a trip eventually to the business that was closing. Upon first reading I simply thought it was a shame that the construction and lack of parking situation was so bad at this time. 

Later, I revisited the article because of the sheer number of comments it was receiving. I was appalled to find the business owner responding with absolute venom to even the slightest criticism of his establishment. The people commenting were those who had visited and making such comments as a certain dish was bland or that the prices seemed a bit high for what they received. Another former patron related an uncomfortable incident that had happened in the restaurant where he had witnessed the owner berating an employee in full view and hearing of the patrons. Though the owner denied that the incident ever happened, I found it hard to credit his denials when tempered with the petty insults and vitriol he was spewing at every commenter. Even before he attacked a dear friend of mine, I had decided to vote with my dollar and not visit his establishment. 

After a night of back and forth, with the owner digging himself a deeper and deeper hole, the majority of his comments disappeared. There were a couple of half-hearted apologies posted all accompanied by excuses as to why his behavior should be discounted. They were excuses such as he is from Boston and apparently in his opinion, his responses are typical of the average Bostonian. His most disgusting excuse, however, came in the form of defining what he terms a 'customer' to be. In his point of view, the people of his community commenting on his behavior are not his customers because they currently do not have a foot inside of his business. He did not address the former customers who had commented, nor did he address the idea that his community is full of potential customers, he simply excused his behavior by discounting everyone as non entities. "Here, no matter how many words you type trying to convince otherwise, you are not a "customer", past, present, or future. You are just...someone with a keyboard." He then went on to offer a $20 gift card to anyone who walked into his (now closed) business to give their comments to him personally. He assured us that if we did this, we would be treated like family. 

Unfortunately, this is not the only example of questionable behavior by a local business owner that I have come across. I have blogged in the past about an employee (who was possibly the owner) of a store who was cursing and raving at full volume while I and at least two other families browsed the store with our young children. I desire to live frugally AND support my community as best I can. I look for deals at local businesses and make sure people know when I find them. But I also feel that allowing individuals who do not value their community to prosper simply because they are local does us all a disservice. 

Local businesses are under a keener microscope than large chains. They have a smaller market and can not afford to alienate a segment of the community. I would think such businesses would focus on the strengths that small places have over chains, individual attention and customer service. I can, will, and have spent a bit more on something that I knew I could get at Walmart simply because I valued the service I received at a local business. I wonder how many others of my community do the same. This should be at the forefront of every small business owner's mind and something relayed to their employees. People will vote with their dollars, especially in such hard economic times, if they can get a similar item elsewhere without insult, hassle, or discomfort, they will go.

Many many years ago, I started as an eager teenager working one of my first jobs at Sea World Ohio. We had classes on customer service and were reminded incessantly that customer service was the key to success. They threw statistics at us such as for every negative customer service experience a business loses twenty five customers through negative word of mouth publicity. In my teenage mind, this seemed so silly, such an exaggeration, but in today's world of blogs, Facebook, texting, and tweeting, it wouldn't take a business more than a couple of minutes to have a negative experience reach 25 or more people. That's publicity that a small business can not afford. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Does Couponing Add Up to Much? One blogger's perspective.

I found this blog post through our local coupon group, Portage Coupon Clippers, and found the numbers and philosophy in the article to be of keen interest. Next time someone asks you if couponing is really worth it or tells you that they don't have the time to coupon, here are some facts to toss their way!

From Mom's Couponmatic "Doing the Math on Coupons":

Clipping coupons hardly sounds like the subject of high finance–or even medium finance. Save a dollar on cat food, some detergent or a couple of boxes of cereal. Who can be bothered? Who has the time? A growing number of people, it turns out. And they're shrewder than it may at first appear. The Great American Coupon is making a big comeback–thanks to the Great American Recession.

We redeemed some 3.3 billion coupons last year–a remarkable 27 percent leap from 2008, and the first year-on-year increase in 17 years, according to a report issued at the end of January by Inmar, a coupon-processing agent. (Online coupon use skyrocketed–companies issued twice as many as in 2008, but redemptions rose 360 percent.) The big upturn took off in October 2008, just after Lehman went belly up. At first blush you can see why coupons fell out of fashion for so long–and why so many consumers still ignore them.

You have to make time to visit a coupon Web site or collect the flyers from your mailbox, the supermarket or newspaper inserts. You need to sort through to find the ones you want, cut them out, stick them in your purse or wallet–and remember to use them when you are at the cash register and you are trying to remember whether you bought everything on your shopping list and where you parked the car.

Average saving per coupon: Just $1.44, according to the Inmar report.

But let's treat this low finance topic for a moment the way we treat high finance. Let's subject it to the same math.

How long does it actually take to clip and use a coupon? Certainly the more you use, the less overall time you will spend per coupon, because so many of the costs–getting flyers, sorting coupons and so on–are generalized. Let's assume you spend a minute per coupon.

Saving $1.44 for a minute's effort is the equivalent of saving $14.40 for 10 minutes'.

Hourly rate: $86.40.

Maybe this would be as good a time as any to point out that the typical American working stiff–those lucky enough to have jobs right now–climbs out of bed each morning, goes through the miseries of commuting and endures the daily grind at the workplace for about $20 an hour.

Furthermore, money saved comes with an additional benefit. Unlike the money you earn at work, it is tax free. No payroll taxes. No federal or state income tax.

If your marginal tax rate were, say, 20 percent, you would have to earn $108 before tax to take home $86.40. If your marginal tax rate were 30 percent, you'd have to earn $123.

Very few of us ever do this kind of math, because we tend to treat low finance differently from high finance, and small sums differently from big ones. No wonder, even today, 99 percent of coupons are thrown away unused.

Yet finance isn't a separate topic from the rest of our personal lives. For all of us, our scarcest resource is time. Putting the right value on it, and putting it to the most productive use, is a financial challenge, as well as a personal one.

And the individual amounts of money may seem small, but they prove the old adage about tiny acorns and mighty oaks. Someone who saves $25 a week will save $100 a month, and $1,200 a year. Over a lifetime that can easily grow to $100,000 or more–even after accounting for inflation.

If motivation is an issue, the next time you find yourself facing a stack of coupon booklets and flyers don't ask yourself if you can be bothered. Try asking yourself if you'd like to earn more than $100 an hour for a job you can do, at home, while sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Twenty Dollars goes far at Once Upon a Child

For those who follow my blog, you might remember that I was chosen as fan of the month at the Stow Once Upon a Child. My prize was $20 worth of store credit. My growing three year old is in need of summer clothing so I was over the moon about this prize. I went over the weekend, determined to get at least a few outfits and not go over $20 so that my readers might see how far a twenty could go in this gently used children's resale shop.

The results: Five shirts, three pairs of shorts. They are all brand names like Gymboree, The Children's Place, Carter's, Kohl's and Target brands. Two of the shirts still had the original tags on them. That is quite a chunk of a summer wardrobe and my total was $20.77 which means I paid 77 cents out of pocket for all of this!

My little guy was overjoyed with his new clothes and demanded to try on his new Buzz Lightyear shirt immediately! Of course once he had a new shirt on, he had to try on a pair of new shorts and then model for us! (The mittens are a long story, one day he told someone he needed them because he got into a fight with a wizard and lost his hand. Most of the time he says that superheroes need them.)

I was able to get all of this simply for being a fan of the Stow Once Upon a Child Store on their facebook page. That means that one of you could be the next Fan of the Month. Simply go to their page, which is right here, and hit like! Not only will you have a chance at winning, you will also be kept up to date on all of the sales and happenings at the store. This month there is a 10% off coupon available! Good luck and be sure to let me know if one of our readers should happen to win!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Double Swagbucks for Coupons throughout the month!

Search & Win

For every coupon printed and redeemed in the month of May through Swagbucks' engine, Swagbucks is awarding 20 SB instead of the usual 10! Since so many of us print coupons to use, this is a fast and simple way to rack up those Swagbucks!

If you are unfamiliar with Swagbucks, it is an easy to use reward program where you earn credits, called Swagbucks for doing every day things such as searching the web and using coupons. You can earn additional Swagbucks through a variety of ways, including participating in polls and discussions, watching videos and completing surveys. They also have random Swagcodes that are posted and you win Swagbucks simply for entering the code. It seems like every week the team comes up with some new way to win Swagbucks.

You can redeem your Swagbucks for many prizes of all types, but best of all are the gift cards. I saved my Swagbucks for six months last year and recieved a $50 Amazon e-gift card. That was a free $50 for doing what I was doing anyhow! Swagbucks is always adding prizes and gift cards, currently they have gift cards for places such as Paypal, Starbucks, Target, and many more!

It's simple to sign up, just click this link and you are off! Be sure to refer your friends, as you will earn more Swagbucks that way!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kent Community Time Bank Community Potluck this Friday!

What is on your "If I had" list? If you had more money, you would eat out more? You would repair that nagging issue with your home or car? If you had more time, your lawn would be mowed, you'd send something in for your child's bake sale? I have these moments, many of them, as I struggle to live frugally. There have been times when I simply have lacked the equipment or the manpower to accomplish a task despite being capable of completing it and there are times when paying for a job to be done is either overwhelming or completely out of my budget.

Back in the autumn, I heard through some source or another about an organization called the Kent Community Time Bank. I started exploring what I could find of it online and was amazed to find a network of people who exchanged their talents with others without the use of money. What a novel idea! People exchanging services with others of their community. It took me some time to get myself to an orientation meeting but at that meeting I was delighted to learn just how diverse our local time bank is and how quickly it is growing!

The membership of the KCTB seems to include members from all areas in our community, students, parents, retirees, professors, even businesses and organizations. I have been told, that at the point of this blog post, there are 315 members from Kent and the surrounding area who have shared over 10,000 hours of services, skills, and talents! The Kent Community Time Bank is among the top fifteen Time Banks in the world!

As a work at home mom, the time bank gives me an additional benefit of meeting people in my community that I might not normally encounter in my daily life. It also gives me a way to use my talents, skills, and resources to help others. It is not intrusive and I am not obligated to attend anything nor offer services if it is inconvenient for me. It is simple to access with both an active Facebook page and a main website that also houses the database off offers and requests. It's exciting to be part of an organization that is not just a bank, or a service exchange but also a community and a social movement! I find that I can not stop talking about the KCTB to friends and neighbors!

Super Mulch Brigade! (Photo courtesy of Sheri Wild)

In the short time I have been a member of the KCTB, I have seen evidence of  members coming together to help lay mulch for another member (so many came that it only took them 45 minutes!), heard of members going to help another clean up storm damage, as well as many smaller scale activities such as clearing out a shed, editing a paper, and the loan of a pasta maker that resulted in homemade pierogies! There seems to be no limit to what can be accomplished within the Time Bank.
Actual food from a KCTB potluck! (Photo courtesy of Denise Creque Tupa)

This Friday, May 4, 2012, the Kent Community Time Bank is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary at a potluck dinner at The United Church of Christ in Kent, 1400 East Main St. Kent, 44240. The potluck will start at 6:30pm and you do NOT need to be a member of the KCTB to attend! The event is family friendly and there will be musical entertainment! Feell free to bring an instrument for the informal jam session!

Some enticement to attend? (Photo courtesy of Denise Cruque Tupa)

The monthly potlucks are a way to get to know your fellow community members face to face and to learn about Time Banking from those who are actively involved in our Time Bank. And you will retroactively earn your first time credit for bringing a dish! This will be my first pot luck, but I have heard the food is amazing and I am very eager to meet more members of my community...and try the food!

Need I say more? (Photo Courtesy of Denise Cruque Tupa)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Once Upon a Child Stow's Fan of the Month!

If you have children and you have yet to visit Once Upon a Child in Stow, you are missing out on a lot of great bargains for your growing offspring. I blogged back in the winter about their annual bag sale but there are always good deals at Once Upon a Child.

In addition to finding great deals, you can also bring in your gently used clothing (freshly laundered), toys, and baby equipment and leave with some cash. Or new stuff, I am going to say that you will likely leave with new stuff as I find it impossible to walk in there and not find some bargain that we need to have. You do not have to make an appointment, but I have found it best to call ahead and get an idea of what seasons and sizes they are buying, it is also a good time to check if they are in need of any larger pieces you might have.  The What We Buy page is also a great reference.

They have recently started a Fan of the Month contest on their new Facebook page and Dollars and Cents has the honor of being their first fan of the month! I am super excited about this. I get a $20 Gift Certificate for the store. I plan to update everyone on just how far my $20 will go! If you haven't like Once Upon a Child's new Facebook page, you can go here and do so. Maybe one of our readers will be next month's Fan of the Month!

You can find Once Upon a Child at 4272 Kent Rd Suite 10, Stow, OH 44224, it is in the same plaza as Giant Eagle and Target. Store hours are Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, and
Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm. The phone number is 330-688-7176. You can also find out a wealth of information by clicking one of the links above!

Don't forget to like the Facebook page!

Happy Bargain Hunting!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cereal savings at Giant Eagle!

I snuck in on the last day of the sales to get my very cheap cereal. I came home with a dozen boxes...yep 12 boxes of cereal. Here's my haul:

4 Boxes of Cheerios
2 Boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios
1 Box of Cocoa Puffs
1 Box of Trix
1 Box of Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios.
1 Box of Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran
1 Box of Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Granola
1 Box Cascadian Farms Fruit Granola
1 loaf of bread
1 pack of hot dog buns
1 back of hamburger buns
1 GE Flavored water

Total OOP: $13.86
Savings: $24
I saved 63% all together.

$6.51 of my total OOP price was my breads and water. If I had stuck completely to my list and just gotten the cereal, I would have paid $7.51 for 12 boxes of cereal. That averages out to 61 cents a box!

My three year old was just as excited about all of the cereal...but for a different reason!

Whitney Farms Organics for your gardens this year!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

AdvertisementHopefully my garden will soon look like this!

Spring has finally sprung for us here and my attentions have turned to my sorely neglected gardens. They have been a mess of foliage since we moved into this house and I am determined to both tame what is here and create a vegetable garden. I've spent the winter researching gardening methods and have decided that organic gardening is as important to me as having a garden. That includes starting my seeds in organic soil and using organic plant food to provide nutrition for my fledgling garden. 

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

Whitney Farms has a full line of organic soils and plant foods that contain no additives, nothing toxic or artificial, just everything natural to boost the production of your food plants and give you stunning flowers and ornamentals that will be the envy of your neighborhood.  Not only are their products all natural but in comparison with traditional products, Whitney Farms products have low to no dust, no manure odor, and are easy to apply. That's especially important for novice gardeners like myself, and especially people who have allergy and scent issues. Whitney Farms products also contain beneficial microbes and specially designed protein-based blends to provide your plants with both macro and micro nutrients they need to grow and survive. 

109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

Whitney Farms has specialty foods for your Tomatoes and Vegetables, as well as food for all of your Plants! And for our readers, they are offering a special $3 off coupon for your purchase of Whitney Farms® organic products. Simply click the link and fill in the information for your coupon. Whitney Farms®

Organic Plant Food

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Super Savings trip to Walgreens plus Moneymaker spotted!

Without sales, clearance, register rewards and coupons, this trip would have cost me $85.19.
I paid....
A savings of 63%

My haul:
4 Dawn Dish soaps
2 packs of Huggies Lil Movers
1 Goody Ouchless Elastic bands
2 Aquafresh for Kids pump (FREE!)
2 20 oz Pepsi Next (FREE!)
2 Peeps ($.44 clearance)
1 2 pack of Thomas Toothbrushes ($.49 clearance)
3 12 packs of Diet Dr Pepper
3 12 packs of regular Dr Pepper.

AND there was a moneymaker in there!

Pepsi Next is on sale for $0.99 and you recieve $.99 in register rewards, making it FREE. But the deal became even better when I spotted a hanging tab of coupons for 50 cents off of one 20 oz Pepsi Next.
Keep your eyes peeled and you can make 50 cents per transaction!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Decluttering your Facebook Feed.

I've been spending my morning hiding posts by other bloggers. Not because I dislike other bloggers, but because I find that some bloggers spam incessantly and it has come to a point where the posts of my family and friends get lost in the sea of repetitive couponing posts.

How did it get this way? Well, it seems like every coupon, frugal living, mommy, and whatever else blog has a giveaway going on; in order to enter yourself in those giveaways, you have to like a large number of Facebook pages, mostly of frugal bloggers but occasionally odd pages slip in there too. This is a good way for blogs to build Facebook likes, but I wonder if the number of likes actually corresponds to more page hits or better yet, more readers. I would like to know that my posts are being read more than I would enjoy seeing my 'like' totals rise.

The problem with adding all of these pages is that when each one posts something, it comes into your feed. And there are a significant number of blogs who spam several posts at a time or the same post over and over during the day. Neither of these practices are adding to my Facebook experience nor are they giving me any incentive to visit the blog. It also seems to me that the blogs who tend to utilize such practices also do little in the way of writing, they simply copy paste ads and links. While that is helpful for a lot of people, I prefer to read as well. I like learning tips from my fellow frugal bloggers, I enjoy hearing opinions. I suppose what I am saying is that as much as I like deals, I prefer blogs with substance.

Short of opting out of blog giveaways altogether, I have only come up with two ways of combating the never ending feed, either hiding all posts by offending blogs or creating a separate facebook account simply for couponing stuff. The problem with a separate facebook page is that you have to keep switching back and forth and I guess I am just too lazy to do that. Instead, I have opted to hide posts. I choose the posts I hide by annoyance factor, I suppose. I keep all local bloggers in my feed as well as any bloggers who have liked my page, the former I do because I wish to support my local community and the latter because it is polite and I have found those who liked my page to be worth the read. At the end of the day, I still feel like there are enough blogs in my feed that I am not going to miss a deal and yet I can still find the posts of my family and friends.

I'm curious as to how others deal with this issue and wonder if it follows through to other social networking sites. I don't have a personal twitter, so all of my twitter activity is blog related, no issues there. I haven't done a lot with google+ but I assume the circles feature is helpful there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Local Blogger, Freebie site! Giveaway!

Free is For Me--a new Portage County area blogger has set up shop to keep track of legitimate freebies for us, both in the stores and online! The site is still up and coming but she is offering a $20 gift card giveaway once she gets 100 likes on her facebook page. I will be interested to watch what deals and freebies she finds for us as she is building up her blog.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday Coupon Preview1 March 11, 2012

It looks like only two inserts for tomorrow, which should give everyone's scissors a decent break!  Don't forget that the Plain Dealer doesn't carry Red Plum Inserts. And make sure to check your papers for inserts before you buy them!

Smartsource coupon insert
A.1. Save $1/1 steak sauce 10oz+ (4/8)
Atkins Save $1/1 bar 5pk (5/31)
Atkins Save $1/1 shake 4pk (5/31)
Better Than Save $1/1 Ears treats (6/11)
Betty Crocker Save $.50/2 Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups (5/5)
Bounce Save $.50/1 (4/30) ETS
Classico Save $.50/2 pasta sauces (5/6)
Clear Care Save $2/1 cleaning and disinfecting solution 12oz+ (5/30)
Clearasil Save $1/1 product (4/22)
Clearasil Save $3/1 PrefectaWash Automatic Face Wash dispenser & refills (starter kit only, excludes individual refills) (6/3)
Colgate Save $1/1 360 Optic White toothbrush (3/31)
Colgate Save $1/1 Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro Relief 4oz+ (3/31)
Cottonelle Save $.50/2 toilet paper 4pks or Save $.50/1 12pk+ (4/8)
Downy Save $.50/1 (4/30) ETS
Finish Save $.75/1 Powerball tabs or Gelpacs (4/15)
Finish Save $1/1 Quantum (4/15)
Fun da-middles Save $.50/1 cupcake mix (5/5)
General Mills Save $1/3 cereals (4/21)
Golden Grain Save $1/2 100% Whole Wheat Pasta 13.25oz (4/30)
Hamburger Helper Save $.75/3 Home Cooked Skillet Meals (5/5)
Irish Spring Save $.50/1 3pk+ bar pack or body wash excluding 2.5oz (3/31)
Irish Spring Save $1/1 deodorant (3/31)
Johnsonville Save $1/1 Italian sausage links (4/30)
Ken’s Save $1/1 16oz dressing (4/30)
Kleenex Save $.30/3 tissue packs or boxes (4/22)
Kleenex Save $1/2 Hand Towels (4/22)
Lysol Save $3/1 No-Touch Kitchen System starter kit (4/7)
Maruchan Save $.50/1 Yakisoba product (5/31)
MidNite Save $1/1 regular, PM or for Menopause (9/30)
NatuRelief Save $1/1 product (9/30)
New York Brand Save $.50/1 frozen product (5/15)
Ocean Spray Save $.50/1 fruit flavored snacks (5/5)
Olive Garden Save $2/2 lunch entrees (4/29)
Olive Garden Save $4/2 dinner entrees (4/29)
Opti-Free Save $2/1 PureMoist contact lens solution 10oz+ (5/30)
Pepperidge Farm Save $.75/1 Chocolate Chunk Crispy Cookies or Soft Baked Cookies (5/6)
Pepperidge Farm Save $.75/1 Distinctive Cookies (5/6)
Pillsbury Save $.40/2 Toaster Strudel, Toaster Scrambles Pastries or Pancakes (6/2)
Pillsbury Save $.40/3 Crescent dinner rolls (6/2)
Pillsbury Save $.40/3 refrigerated Grands! biscuits (6/2)
Rachel Ray Save $1/1 bag of soup bones or any other Nutrish treats (6/11)
Rachel Ray Save $2/1 6lb+ bag of Nutrish for Dogs (6/11)
Revlon Save $1/1 color cosmetic (4/15)
Revlon Save $1/1 color cosmetic (4/15)
Schick Save $1/1 disposable razor pack excludes 2ct (4/22)
Schick Save $3/2 disposable razor packs excludes 2ct (4/22)
Scotch Save $2/1 Pet Hair Remover or Sweeper refill (4/30)
Scotch Save $2/1 Pet Hair Remover or Sweeper Starter Kit (4/30)
Scott Save $.50/1 Naturals flushable wipes tub or refill (4/22)
Scott Save $1/8+ rolls of bath tissue (4/22)
Scrubbing Bubbles Save $2/2 bathroom cleaners (6/30)
Sebamed Save $3/1 full size hair care product (5/12)
Sebamed Save $3/1 full size skin care product (5/12)
Sebamed Save $5/2 full size skin care products (5/12)
Sebamed 50% off conditioner wyb shampoo (5/12)
Tide Save $.50/1 Stain Release (4/30) ETS
Tide Save $1/1 detergent excludes PODS and trial (4/30)
Ultimate Flora Save $3/1 probiotic (6/30)
VIVA Save $.60/1 or more paper towel Big Rolls (5/6)
Yoplait Save $.20/1 Lactose-Free yogurt cup (5/5)
Yoplait Save $.50/8 cups (5/5)
Yoplait Save $.75/1 Greek yogurt 4-pack (5/5)
Yoplait Save $.75/2 Go-Gurt, Kids Cup, Trix, Splitz (5/5)

RedPlum Coupon Preview
Advil Save $1/1 PM 4ct+ (6/9)
Breathe Right Save $1.50/1 10ct+ (5/11)
Breathe Right Save $2/1 26ct+ (5/11)
Centrum Save $5/1 Pro Nutrients (4/14)
Crave Save $1/1 soft treats for cats (4/21)
Derma Silk Save $5/1 full size product (3/22)
Dial Save $.35/1 bar pack 3ct+ or liquid hand soap (3/31)
Dial Save $1/1 lotion 12oz+ (3/31)
Dial Save $1/2 body washes 12oz+ (3/31)
Dial for Men Save $1/1 Speed Foam body wash (3/31) ETS
Emerald Nuts Save $1.50/2 products 5oz+ (4/22)
Florida Crystals Save $.75/1 Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar (5/31)
Florida Crystals Save $1/1 Natural or Organic Sugar product (5/31)
Garnier Save $2/1 moisturizer (6/11)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong Shampoo or conditioner (5/6)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong treatment (5/6)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 EverStyle product (5/6)
L’Oreal Save $2/1 Sublime Mousse hair color (5/6)
Marcal Save $1/1 Small Steps Towel 8 roll+ or bath tissue 12 roll+ or Save $1/2 napkins (4/15)
Meow Mix Save $.75/1 dry cat food 3lbs+ (5/5)
Nutro Save $3/1 Ultra food for dogs (5/6)
Pup-Peroni Save $1/1 4.8oz+ (5/31)
Pure Protein Save $1/1 powder or drink (4/22)
Pure Protein Save $1/2 bars (4/22)
Purex Save $.50/1 liquid detergent (4/21) ETS
Purex Save $1/1 UltraPacks detergent (4/21) ETS
Renuzit B1G1 free Fresh Accents air freshener up to Save $2.29 (4/8)
Renuzit B2G1 free Adjustables air fresheners up to Save $4.17 (4/8)
Rimmel London Save $1/1 mascara (5/31)
Rimmel London Save $1/1 product (5/31)
Soft Scrub Save $.50/1 Abrasive or Gel product (4/21)
Soft Scrub Save $1/1 Total product (4/21)
Super Pretzel Save $1/1 soft pretzel product (4/13)
Visine Save $1/1 product 1/2floz+ (6/30)
Visine Save $2/1 Soothing Wipes product (6/30)
Visine Save $2/1 Visine-A or Visine product with Hydroblend moisturizers (6/30)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday is Mega Swagbucks day!

Search & Win

Every couponer and frugal lifestyler should have a Swagbucks account. It's simple to use and the prizes are amazing. Who couldn't use gift cards to or Paypal? There are a myriad of ways to earn swagbucks, from things as simple as using their search engine and printing coupons to watching videos and taking surveys. I started using Swagbucks last fall and by Christmas time I had enough to earn a $50 gift card!

Every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day! That means every Friday when you search you have the chance to earn even more Swagbucks when you win!  I use Swagbucks search almost exclusively and I win at least a few times a day, so get started so you can earn prizes too!

Simply click on one of the banners to sign up and start earning!

Search & Win

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sunday coupon Preview, March 4, 2012.Up to FIVE Inserts!

It looks like we could be expecting up to FIVE inserts tomorrow so get your scissors ready! These vary by region but it has been reported that there is a Smartsource, a Redplum, a P&G Smart Saver, a Target insert, and a Walmart insert that has a single coupon. Do not forget to check your papers for inserts before you buy them!

Smartsource coupon insert
Baileys Save $1/2 coffee creamers (5/6)
Ban Save $.40/1 full size antiperspirant deodorant (4/14)
Ban Save $.75/1 full size Invisible Solid antiperspirant deodorant (4/14)
Bausch+Lomb Save $5/1 Ocuvite product (5/31)
Biore Buy any Pore Strip, get cleanser free ets up to Save $9 (5/31)
Bissell Save $1/1 Stomp ‘N Go (5/15)
Bissell Save $1/1 upright deep cleaning formula (3/31)
Bissell 41/1 upright deep cleaning formula (4/1/12-4/30)
Campbell’s Save $1/2 Slow Kettle style soup (4/14)
Claritin Save $2/1 Children’s 4oz or 10ct+ (4/1)
Claritin Save $4/1 24ct+ (4/1)
Claritin Save $4/1 D 15ct+ (4/1)
Crazy Cuizine Save $1.50/1 entree (5/31)
Curel Save $1/1 moisturizer 7.5floz+ (5/31)
Dannon Save $.50/2 Oikos 5.3oz cups (4/1)
Farmer John Save $2/1 smoked sausage (4/4)
Fiber One Save $.75/1 cereal (4/14)
Foster Farms Save $1/1 boneless & skinless fresh chicken breast (6/3)
GenTeal Save $1/1 lubricant eye drop, gel or ointment (5/30)
Hill’s Science Diet Save $5/1 Ideal Balance cat or dog food 2lbs+ (4/30)
Jergens Save $3/2 moisturizers 4floz+ (4/21)
John Frieda Save $2/1 full size product excludes hair appliances, brushes and Full Repair (4/28)
John Frieda Save $2/1 Precision Foam Color product (4/28)
John Frieda Save $3/2 full size Full Repair products (4/28)
Kozy Shack Save $1/2 products (7/1)
Louisiana Fish Fry Save $.55/1 sauce (6/30)
Louisiana Fish Fry Save $1/2 breadings (6/30)
Louisiana Fish Fry Save $1/2 entrees (6/30)
Marzetti Save $1.50/1 Simply Dressed salad dressing (4/29)
Mean Green Save $.75/1 cleaner & degreaser 32oz+ (4/29)
Mean Green Save $1/1 gallon (4/29)
Nonni’s Biscotti Save $1/2 regular or Bites (5/15)
Prevacid Save $3/1 24HR product (4/14)
Prevacid Save $7/2 24HR 42ct (4/14)
Purely Asian Save $1.50/1 entree (5/31)
RevitaLens OcuTec Save $2/1 multi-purpose disinfecting solution (4/9)
Selsun Blue Save $1/1 product ets (5/31)
Smart Balance Save $1/1 Enhanced Milks (4/18)
Smart Balance Save $1/2 Buttery Spreads or Buttery Sticks (4/18)
Sun-Maid/Puss In Boots Save Save $3 by mail wyb Puss In Boots and 20oz raisin canister or 6pk of 1oz cartons (5/31)
Target Portrait Studio Save $ free 8×10″ traditional portrait, free sitting fees, Save $3.99 each traditional portrait sheets or Save $7.99 traditional portrait package, 40% off collections (8/29)
Target Portrait Studio 1 free 8×10″ traditional portrait, free sitting fees, 40% off portrait purchase (8/29)
Torani Save $1/1 flavor (5/31)
Tyson Save $1/1 Any’tizers snacks (6/8)
Tyson Save $1/1 Any’tizers snacks (6/8)
WhoNu? Save $.55/1 nutrition rich cookies (4/28)
Woolite Save $1/1 Pet Urine Eliminator or Pet+ Oxygen Carpet Stain & Odor Remover (5/15)
Zaditor Save $1/1 eye drops 5mL+ (5/30)
Ziploc Save $1/1 vacuum product or Zip ‘n Steam bags (4/7)
Ziploc Save $1/2 bags (4/7)
Ziploc Save $1/2 containers (4/7)
Ziploc Save $1/2 slider bags (4/7)

RedPlum Coupon Preview
All Save $1/1 mighty pacs or liquid laundry detergent 24 loads+ (4/15)
Baskin Robbins Save $3/$15 cake purchase (4/7)
Baskin Robbins Buy cone excluding waffle, B1G1 Save $.99 (4/7)
Baskin Robbins Buy sundae, B1G1 Save $.99 (4/7)
Bengay Save $2/1 Zero Degrees Gel (5/31)
Bengay Save $5/1 Zero Degrees Gel (3/18)
Birds Eye Save $1/3 steamfresh varieties (4/15)
Cesar Save $1.50/2 treats (4/29)
Cesar B3G1 free canine cuisine entree save up to $1.19 (4/29)
Colace Save $2/1 capsules (9/30)
Dole Save $1/2 frozen fruit packages (5/4)
El Monterey Save $1/1 taquitos, tamales, mini chimi or quesadillas (5/31)
Emerald Save $1/1 Breakfast on the go! product 7.5oz+ (4/15)
Ester-C Save $2/1 tablet or powder (4/18)
Garnier Save $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment (4/15) ETS
Garnier Save $1/1 style product (4/29) ETS
Garnier Save $2/1 Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam (5/4)
Garnier Save $3/1 HerbaShine Color Creme (4/15)
Jimmy Dean Save $1/1 Delights Sandwich or Save $1/2 Delights bowls (4/14)
Jose Ole Save $1/1 item 16oz+ (4/21)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 Paris skincare product (4/29) ETS
L’Oreal Save $2/1 Paris face cosmetic product excludes Magic Perfecting Base .17 fl. oz. (4/29)
Mars Save $1/2 Easter products; M&M’s, M&M’s Minis, Minis Mix, 3 Musketeers, Twix Minis, Snickers Minis, Milky Way Minis, Dove Silky Smooth Eggs 7.94oz+ (4/8)
Marvel/Disney Save $1/1 gummy vitamins 60ct+ (4/25)
Maybelline New York Save $1/1 mascara (5/4)
Nature’s Bounty Save $1/1 vitamin or supplement (4/3)
Nature’s Bounty Save $2/1 probiotic supplement (4/3)
On-Cor Save $1/2 family size entrees (5/31)
Osteo Bi-Flex Save $5/1 caplets, softgels or powder (4/4)
Paseo Save $1/1 12 roll bath tissue (4/30)
Paseo Save $1/2 facial tissue (4/30)
Pedigree Save $1/1 8 or 12ct Little Champions pouch variety packs or Save $1/6 single pouches or 13.2oz cans (4/15)
Pedigree Save $1/1 dry dog food 3.5lb+ (4/15)
Pedigree Save $1/2 treats for dogs (4/15)
Rosina Save $.75/1 meatballs (5/31)
Snuggle Save $.50/1 fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets (4/15)
Zatarain’s Save $.50/2 New Orleans style frozen entrees (4/29)
Zyrtec Save $10/1 70ct+ (3/11)
Zyrtec Save $5/1 24ct+ (4/8)

Target Insert Coupons (Expire 4/30)
Bounty Save $1/1 6pk+ paper towels
Covergirl Save $.50/1 Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation, Blast Flipstick lip color or LashBlast 24hr mascara
Crest Save $1/2 3D White toothpastes ETS
Feminine Care Save $1/3 Tampax or Always
Gillette Save $5 off both Fusion ProGlide Style razor and clear gel ETS
Hair Care Save $1/2 Herbal Essences, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Natural Instincts or Nice ‘n Easy ETS
Iams Save $1/2 5lb+ dry dog or cat food
Laundry Care Save $1/2 Tide, Downy or bounce  ETS
Metamucil Save $.75/2 fiber supplement items ETS
Olay Save $1/1 Professional Pro-X or Regenerist
Personal Care Save $2/2 3pk+ Puffs, 9pk+ Charmin Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft or 40ct+ Charmin Freshmates wipes
Prilosec OTC Save $.50/1 14ct heartburn relief tablets
Walmart Insert Only has 1 coupon:
$3/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler (4/8) ETS

P&G Coupon Insert

NOTE: All coupons expire on 3/31/12.
Align product ETS LIMIT4 Save $3/1 (3/31/12)
Always Pads, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Clothes ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Always Infinity 12ct+ (including Always Radiant Infinity) LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Always Pantiliners 30ct+ LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Bissel with Febreze Freshness Carpet Cleaning product Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Bounty towels 6-roll ct+ or Bounty napkins any size ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Braun Clean & Renew Refills pack ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (3/31/12)
Cascade ActionPacs ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Charmin products ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Clairol hair color ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (3/31/12)
CoverGirl product ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Crest 3D White 2Hour Express, Professional Effects or Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips ETS LIMIT4 Save $5/1 (3/31/12)
Downy ETS LIMIT4 Save $0.20/1 (3/31/12)
Downy Unstopables or Gain Fireworks ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Duracell CopperTop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or Specialty batteries ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Duracell rechargeable batteries, Duracell charger or Duracell hearing aid batteries 6pk+ ETS LIMIT4 Save $1.50/1 (3/31/12)
Febreze candle ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Febreeze Warmer FREE Save up to $3.29 WYB Febreeze NOTICEables Refill (3/31/12)
Febreze Luminary device refill ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Febreze Set & Refresh ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Febreze Car ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Febreze High Allergen Air Filter Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Febreze Air Effects ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Febreze Fabric Refresher ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Febreze Scented Shades refill FREE LIMIT4 Save up to $5.99 WYB Febreze Flameless Luminary Wooden Lamp Base (3/31/12)
Gillette body wash ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Gillette deodorant ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Gillette Fusion ProSeries skin care product ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Gillette Fusion Shave Prep ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Head &Shoulders shampoo or conditioner ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Herbal Essences of Aussie Styler Save $2/1 WYB Herbal Essences or Aussie product ETS (3/31/12)
IAMS dry dog or cat food ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Ivory bar or body wash or Safeguard bar ETS LIMIT4 Save $0.20/1 (3/31/12)
Mach3 Disposables, Sensor3 Disposables, or Custom Plus3 Disposables ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (3/31/12)
Metamucil product ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Mr. Clean products ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Olay bar, body wash or in-shower body lotion ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (3/31/12)
Olay Pro-X or Regenerist facial moisturizer (excludes cleanser devices, refills and ETS) LIMIT4 Save $5/1 (3/31/12)
Olay body wash LIMIT4 FREE Save up to $8.99 WYB Olay Facial Cleanser (3/31/12)
Old Spice products ETS LIMIT4 Save $0.20/1 (3/31/12)
Old Spice body wash or body spray ETS LIMIT4 Save $0.20/1 (3/31/12)
Pampers diapers or pants ETS LIMIT4 box Save $1/1 or bags Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Prilosec OTC LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (3/31/12)
Puffs FREE Save up to $2.25 WYB Vicks product (excludes VapoDrops and ETS) LIMIT4 (3/31/12)
Satin Care Shave Gels ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Secret Clinical Strength or Outlast ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Sinex Spray ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (3/31/12)
Swiffer Refill FREE Save up to $9 WYB Swiffer Starter Kit (3/31/12)
Swiffer Dust & Shine B1G1 FREE Save up to $3.99 LIMIT4 (3/31/12)
Tampax 18ct+ LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Tampax Pearl,  Tampax Pearl Compak, or Tampax Radiant 16ct+ LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Tide detergents (excludes trial size and Tide PODS) Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Tide Washing Machine Cleaner ETS LIMIT4 Save $0.20/1 (3/31/12)
Tide Stain Release 15-34ct duo pack or 36-38oz liquid ETS LIMIT4 Save $1.50/1 (3/31/12)
Tide (excludes Tide PODS), Tide Stain Release or Tide to Go ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (3/31/12)
Tide (excludes Tide PODS), Tide Stain Release or Tide to Go ETS LIMIT4 Save $1.50/2 (3/31/12)
Venus razor, refill or disposable or Daisy disposable ETS LIMIT4 Save $2/1 (3/31/12)