Friday, September 7, 2012

Walgreens starting their own reward program!

It's been a while, I know. I have to confess that during the summer my fishing time greatly increased and my couponing decreased. I guess we could say I was exploring other ways to live frugally and I plan to share some of them with my readers very soon!

The news that Walgreens was starting their own rewards program excited me. Walgreens is one of my favorites, if the THE favorite store for bargains. I think I enjoyed the challenge of couponing at Walgreens because you could score amazing deals but it took a little brain power. Walgreens Balance Rewards program begins on September 16, 2012 and you will need to be part of the program to access the weekly sales. It looks as if you accumulate points for each purchase and certain other activities, such as filling prescriptions and you can redeem those points for Redemption dollars, which I assume are similar to Register Rewards. The example given was 5,000 points equaling $5 and 40,000 points equal to $50. You can also earn points for programs such as Walk with Walgreens. Also similar to Register Rewards, you will not earn points for purchases where Redemption dollars are used. The complete rules and fine print can be found here.

Like any of the reward programs that seem to be offered everywhere we go these days, it appears that the Walgreens program will take some getting used to and some time to iron out any kinks that arise. I didn't find any information on how this program will affect the sales and promotions Walgreen currently utilizes, such as Register Rewards. I am unsure if Balance Rewards will be in addition to or in place of that program. I can definitely see a benefit in storing Register Rewards on a store card rather than printing them out and handing them to each customer. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

You can sign up for the Walgreens Balance Rewards program at any store or through your online account. Right now they are running a promotion which enters you in a contest for one million Reward Points for signing up online. It also gives additional entries for each referral. Signing up now will save you time when you pop into the store on the 16th or after and need the card for your purchases. Until your card arrives, they give you the option of using your phone number to access your savings. They also offer iPhone and Android apps to track your rewards and sales!

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