About Us

This blog really started years ago, probably when both Sarah and I were teenagers. We have a mutual interest in finding deals, wherever they may be and although these habits were likely born out of necessity, we have found that even in the less lean times, we take joy in finding bargains and deal wherever they might be! When we started to dig into couponing in earnest, I noticed a gaping hole when it came to blogs that covered our very diverse and quite populated area. For a few months, while we learned the ins and outs of couponing, I toyed with the idea of starting my own blog. One day, I decided to jump in with both feet, bringing my deal savvy best friend along for the ride!

Who are we, really?

I'm Jessica. I grew up in the Kent-Ravenna area, graduated from Ravenna High School and earned my Bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University. (Go Bucks!) I am the very proud mama of one rambunctious three year old boy who keeps me on my toes. My love of deal hunting started when I was very young and trying to stretch the few dollars that I earned babysitting and such. I remember stopping at my first yard sale when I was around eight years old. I had my own yard sale not that long after. I have a very hard time passing yard sales to this day....or tag sales, estate sales, rummage sales, thrift stores, or auctions. I've dabbled in ebay sales for years, occasionally flipping something interesting that I found in my thrifty journeys. I consider myself a casual picker. 

When I am not on my computer or out bargain hunting, I enjoy reading...books...you know, those paper things you used to see in school? I read at least a book a week, some weeks more. Another habit I acquired at an early age and can't seem to stop. My reading choices vary from day to day, I enjoy history, historical fiction, political science, and science fiction but I will read almost anything. I also enjoy writing, some video games, and exploring online environments. I have a tendency to be very political and absolutely honest about my views. I vote in every election and believe that everyone else should too.