Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amazing new coupon binder at even more amazing price!

I have a perfectly functional coupon binder, it's only flaw is that it's sometimes bulky to transport. I was in envy of Sarah's pretty 4 inch Case-it binder with a spine handle and shoulder strap but was not prepared to pay the normal retail price for the binder which is currently $25 on Amazon. Earlier in the season, I spied a variety of Case-it three inch binders at Wal-Mart in their back to school section, they were eye catching, more than big enough for my coupons and featured the spine strap and shoulder strap that I so envied, however they were $20 and I didn't feel I could justify the expense when the binder I had was perfectly adequate. 

Today, I went into Walmart for a couple of grocery items but was attracted to the clearance sections because I simply can not pass up a deal. I spotted a couple of those binders in the clearance school supply section. I picked it up to price scan while I grabbed up a few other dirt cheap items, notebooks for 20 cents, two packs of glue sticks for 40 cents. I was fully prepared to be disappointed at the price scanner but the number popped up like a bright and shiny star, "$7." If I had been anywhere besides Walmart, I might have been embarrassed by squealing out loud in delight. I didn't need it but at 65% off of the previous price, I splurged. What good is it to focus on saving money if you can't buy something fun for yourself every once in a while?


  1. OMG love this!! I currently have a big expand-o-file that I use, but it's so hard to keep track of what I have, when it expires, etc. I will be going to Wal-Mart ASAP to see if I can find one!!~

  2. Sarah and I both use the binder method and it works pretty well. It can be rough if you get behind but overall I have used more coupons with this method. I hope you find one!